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The ESTR-S Transition Assessment available for purchase and for online entry. The ESTR-S is a View a sample of the ESTR-S Assessment Report.transition plan for students with severe/multiple impairments (SMI).

Q: How do I place an order?
A: The ESTR Scales and other products are available by clicking on the Order tab. You may also Download Order Form and save it to you computer. You can fill out the form off-line and then print the completed order form to mail or email it.

Q: What are ESTR Assessments?
A: The ESTR Scales are age-appropriate transition assessment that have been studied for reliability and validity (see Transition Planning in the Schools: Using the Enderle-Severson Transition Rating Scales, 2006). To facilitate the transition planning process we also offer you the opportunity to enter the assessment data from the protocols to access assessment summary.